June 15, 2021

Congratulations to all of us for making it through one crazy tax season! Between staffing shortages and calling our
clients to see if they received their stimulus checks, if their 401K withdrawal was COVID related, or did they suffer
closures or illnesses that affected their self-employed business; I am surprised that not all of us have scheduled a vacation
to Bora Bora! And how many of you cannot wait for the 2021 tax season where, once again, we will be asking “did you
receive your stimulus check? Did you receive any advanced child tax credit payments? How much did you receive?”
Let us just hope that the government does not decide to extend the deadline again for the third year! I can tell you that
even if there is an extension, my firm is honoring the original March 15th and April 15th as my tax deadline.
Normally after the tax deadline I take time to reflect on how tax season went. The following are the questions I ask:
– What can I do better?
– How are my marketing efforts going? Do I need to change anything? Add anything?
– How can I improve my quality of life during tax time?
I think anyone that is in practice for themselves should take time for reflection. Change is a scary thing but is also so very
important. We are in a profession that is constantly changing and if we are not changing with it, we are going to find
ourselves behind and obsolete. How else are we going to keep relevant if we ourselves are not willing to change?


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