June 16, 2021

Do you remember what it was like when you were in college, and it was finals time? You stayed up all night cramming
through studies and living off caffeine. Then, when it was the end of finals week, you crashed… HARD. Maybe you got
sick, or maybe you slept for days. Well, for me, that is what it always feels like after a tax deadline. You have been in
the fight-and-flight mode for so long that when you finally stop, your body wants to stop too. How can one prevent that
from happening?
1. Set up boundaries. Set your hours of operations from 9:00 – 5:00 with a mandatory lunch time and stick with it.
2. Say no! You do not have to take on every client or help everyone out.
3. Get rid of the dead weight. Are there clients that are sucking up the air you breathe? Are they constantly questioning
your work? Are they fighting over your invoice or are they making passive-aggressive jabs at you? If so, you truly do
not need that. Get rid of them. Make room for the clients that will take up less of your time, pay you more to do that
work, and appreciate you.
4. Hire! This was the hardest thing for me to do. I was afraid that I would not have enough work to keep them busy and
continue to keep them employed. But once you have the staff, you can take on additional work to keep them busy and
5. Faith. Know that everything is going to be alright. The world will not stop spinning if you say “no” or setup some
strict boundaries. Your business will continue to grow even if you are trimming the fat.
“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own to do list.” ~Michelle Obama, former First Lady


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