February 18, 2021

I started writing this newsletter on February 16th and then like most of us, I lost power.
I finally have power back after
being without it for over 26 hours.
And on top of that, I am also under a boil water order that has yet to lift. I do hope
and pray when this newsletter gets published that everyone will have heat and clean water.
Now, to resume where I left

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines Day.
I truly loved watching the snow fall and waking up in the morning in a
winter wonderland.
As I take my adult snow day, looking out the window at both the lake and the snow, trying to
figure out what topics my fellow EAs would be interested in, the news announces the next segment to be Tax Talks.
is always at this time I am reminded that I am going into my busy season (as if all the client appointments on my calendar

were not telling me that already).
In this Tax Talks segment, they are advising everyone to file early and listed the
following reasons why they recommend this:

1. Filers will get their refunds sooner.

2. If they missed out on the stimulus checks, they can claim them on the 2020 tax return.

3. They can setup direct deposit with the IRS and receive the 3rd stimulus check quicker.

4. They will have a better chance of getting their full stimulus check in 2021 assuming their income is lower than 2019.

You are advising clients to setup their appointments sooner so that they can get their stimulus checks quicker?
Hmm what about all of us?
Our workload? Our stress level? Not only do we need to ask more questions, such as
did you get your stimulus check?, How much were they?, Was the 401K withdrawal Covid related?, or As a self-

employed person do you get the retention credit?
It is taking us longer to prepare an individual tax return and now they
are advising the public to get in and file their taxes early this year.
You take this recommendation, the longer time to
prepare an individual tax return AND no power, my stress level hit an all time high!
With no power and no work, but all
the stress, I read two books in two days.
My husband, as politely as he could, told me to relax! So, to help relax, here are
seven pointers that help reduce stress:

1. Get enough sleep.
If this is a struggle for you, there are a lot of relaxation teas out there that are amazing. My favorite
is Calm Buddha Blend form the Buddha Tea line.

2. Learn relaxation techniques.
Meditation, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and yoga are all wonderful tools.
3. Keep positive social networks.
Workout with friends. Join an organization.
4. Maintain time-management skills.
Start working on honing your time and schedule.
5. Resolve stressful situations.
The sooner you can deal with a situation, the sooner you can relive your stress.
6. Nurture yourselves.
Yes, this is hard during our busy season, but if we dont take care of ourselves and we get sick,
what good are we to anyone.
Schedule a monthly massage. Buy yourself flowers monthly. When the weather improves
(unless you like temperatures in the teens), take a walk.

7. Ask for help.
This is probably the hardest thing for anyone to do, but it is also the easiest.
If any of you have any other ideas to combat stress, please send me an email.
I would love to gather a list and repost this
again in a future newsletter.


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