May 10, 2021

We have heard of the lumber shortage, used car shortage, computer chip shortage, the chicken shortage, roof shingles
shortage, and the chlorine tab shortage. And now, per the IRS, there’s a new problem to add to the list: broken printers.
The IRS said that as of April 30, it had 17.1 million unprocessed individual tax returns, of which most were filed this
year. Some of these returns are due to the corrections the IRS needs to make for the recovery rebate credit. Another
problem causing delays are for taxpayers who utilized a provision in the coronavirus relief law allowing them to calculate
their earned income tax credit and child tax credit based on their 2019 income rather than their 2020 income. The IRS
says in this case they need to validate the 2019 income figures that are used.

The IRS closed tax processing centers for several months last year and we were faced with work backlogs. Now, per the
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, broken printers and copiers are the latest adding to the delay.
It is taking more than 21 days to issue any related refund, the IRS said.


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