June 18, 2021

When I was in Corporate America, I remember these large corporations having well documented management systems
that knew exactly what their employees were doing and where in the process they are. They had these robust client
resource management (CRM) programs that you just typed the name of a vendor, department, or company and BOOM,
you had all the information at your fingertips. So, when I left Corporate America and branched out on my own, you
would have thought I knew the importance of these systems. WRONG! I thought I was too small to invest in a program
such as that and, boy, did this year prove me wrong. Having a proper document management or CRM system in place is
something I can do better for next year.
Never did I imagine that I would go from an office staff of 3, including myself, to an office staff of 9 in a year! When
you add this many employees, you have a lot more tasks to manage. Speaking about myself only, when you reach a
certain age, it can become difficult to remember everything that is going on in your office and there is a higher probability
that tasks may slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, in what we do, if one task slips, we can be on the hook for
penalties, interest, and the possibility of a losing a client.
When I was doing my research as to what was the best Document Management System (DMS) for me, the following were
some of the key components I was looking for:
– Tracking the life of a tax return from document receipt, questions to clients, completion, 8879 received, and electronic
filing acceptance confirmation.
– Tracking the life of bookkeeping from data entry, to financial statement review, to meeting with client.
– Tracking Franchise Tax reports, from the status of the respective tax return to how and when the report was filed.
– Tracking extensions on any reports or returns.
– Seeing my staff’s tasks and knowing exactly where they are and how far behind we may be.
Now everyone’s needs are different. The CPA Practice Advisor has a good article on how to choose a DMS solution that
fits best for your business. I have included the link to that article below.


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