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Mentor Program for new EAs to learn from the more experienced members.

What does it mean to me to be a mentor? I became an EA because I was fortunate to have 2 mentors, Kathy and Bill. It all started when kathy, who owned a tax business, called me up and asked me to work a tax season. Sure, I had just moved back to houston and was looking for something to do. I started as an assistant doing special jobs for her and processing tax returns. Over a few tax seasons I was the receptionist, did data entry and checked in and out clients. Kathy, who is an EA, challenged me to become one. Having multiple degrees and certificates I thought why not add another.

I enjoyed the work and liked meeting the clients and help them understand their taxes. Seven months later, right before tax season, I passed the last exam. I quickly learned I had a lot more to learn. One of the reasons I like this business. In steps Bill. Just about every day for a couple of years I was welcomed into his office to talk about tax issues. He would challenge me in various ways. Then he retired, and I opened my own business to reduce my work load. Now it’s time to mentor others. Maybe it’s being an old lady, they do know every thing, right? Except I know I don’t when it comes to taxes.

I think of the mentor/mentee relationship as a give an take. We both learn and at the same time get to know one another. It’s a way to promote the EA credential and expand our membership. It’s a way to find potential employees. It’s a way to find people interested in taking over your business when you want to retire. I think my main reason for being a mentor is because I enjoy helping others who want to learn. If they are willing to put in the time and effort then so am I. I am deeply grateful to Kathy and Bill who did that for me and I am fortunate to be able to do it for others.

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