As tax professionals we strive to prepare returns as accurately as possible. BrokerScan was designed to give tax professionals a way to provide detailed data on Form 8949 without the arduous and time-consuming task of manual entry.

Never have to scan and attach a broker statement again. BrokerScan is designed to be so efficient, that in the time it takes to scan and attach, you can have the data imported to your tax software with ease.

Please watch this how-to video to see just how easy it is to use BrokerScan!

When you have BrokerScan those 100-page 1099B statements are no worry. You can simply scan it, upload the PDF File to BrokerScan, and within minutes, receive an importable file for your tax preparation software. BrokerScan uses our proprietary OCR technology to read the scanned pages, crunch the numbers, and provide you with a reviewable spreadsheet that you can convert into a fully-populated Form 8949. Our process is secure and backed by our trained support staff. No more manual data entry, and no more worries about the IRS turning back a statement.

Our IT support team is here for you. So, if you ever have questions, or are struggling to import data into your tax preparation software, simply give us a call.

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