Why Ethics Are Important For Enrolled Agents

December 13, 2021

What Is Ethics?

Ethics, also called moral philosophy, the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad and morally right and wrong. The term is also applied to any system or theory of moral values or principles.


Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct From NAEA

A code of ethics clarifies roles and responsibilities within a profession and provides guidance to the professional for addressing common ethical questions. Members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents recognize the responsibilities of the enrolled agent profession to the people and businesses we serve, and to one another, and believe we should encourage and foster high ethical standards in this profession. We have adopted the following Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct for our constant guidance and inspiration, predicated upon NAEA’s core values. These basic principles provide the foundation for establishing and maintaining all professional relationships. All NAEA members are expected to adhere to a course of conduct which manifests respect, competence, and trust on the part of the general public, businesses, and clients.


Continued Education Focused on Ethics

As EAs are expected to maintain a high standard of ethics, their continued education requires that they must focus on ethics. In fact, as stated by the IRS: Enrolled agents must obtain 72 hours of continuing education every three years. A minimum of 16 hours must be earned per year, two of which must be on ethics. Enrolled agents must use an IRS approved CE provider.


How Can Being A Member of TxSEA Help Me?

Our organization helps members to stay on top of all of their CE credits, including the credits that focus specifically on ethics. Ethics play a vital role in being an EA because it is important that these tax professionals advocate for the best interest of their clients while still operating in a legal manner. If you are interested in learning more about the CE credits you can earn as a member of our organization reach out to us today.


Why Join TxSEA?

TxSEA makes it easy for enrolled agents in Texas to stay on top of the credits they need to maintain their licensing, as well as provides an opportunity for networking with other EAs in their local area. This can provide helpful information and leads to tax professionals working as enrolled agents today.


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