The Texas Society of Enrolled Agents (TxSEA) is the Premier Professional Enrolled Agent Society in Texas which supports the Enrolled Agent community and its members within the State of Texas.  Enrolled Agents looking to network with their peers, move forward in their profession and improve their professional expertise can apply for membership through the link above on this site, and connect with a chapter in their area. Membership with the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is a requirement to become a member of TxSEA and your membership may only be obtained by visiting their site which may be done by clicking the Membership Tab above!

So, What is an Enrolled Agent and how are they uniquely qualified to help taxpayers?  Please view our video to gain some insight into that very question…….

This video is available to our members for purchase for your own website and social media accounts and is customization with your name, web address and logo.  It is a grEAt Promotion and advertising tool for your website!  Click here for the order form and pricing details!  The open order period ends on December 23rd and will be ready by the start of the main tax season (February)!!!!

It is extremely important for ALL Enrolled Agents to know that because of the efforts of members of TxSEA and NAEA, Enrolled Agents are now permanently part of the U.S. Tax Code and your designation is now secured!

This site contains information for tax professionals about Texas chapter meetings, IRS updates, professional education, and how to apply for membership in the organization.  Additionally, we have links and information that will be useful to ALL Taxpayers by utilizing the “Taxpayer Home and Resources” Tabs above!

Taxpayers should utilize our “Find a Tax Expert” tab above to locate an Enrolled Agent in their area to assist them with their specific tax needs.  TxSEA does NOT provided tax services directly to the public so it is important that you utilize the link above!

Enrolled Agents and Tax Professionals can find educational opportunities and useful information about dealing with the IRS, along with helpful links to federal tax information.

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