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Sep 23

IRS Issues New Travel Guidelines

September 16,2015

Jan 21

Breaking NEWS – Taxpayers Can Download IRS Tax Transcripts Now!

The IRS just released this app which allows ANY Taxpayer to view, print, or download their own IRS  Transcripts on-line in Real-Time using a computer or Smart Phone. IRS Get Transscript is a document with Screen Shots which goes into more detail about the mechanics of creating a User Account and getting transcripts. Per the IRS, […]

Mar 25

Court of Appeals Denies IRS

Court of Appeals Denies IRS

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While the legal volleying continues in Loving, et. al. v. Internal Revenue Service, yet another disappointing blow befell the IRS today. The Court of Appeals issued an order denying the IRS’s February 25 motion for stay pending appeal asserting that the IRS did not satisfied the stringent requirements for this kind of stay. The Court’s […]

Sep 22

E-mail about PTIN Directory

TxSEA has received inquiries from members who received follow-up e-mail from an organization that apparently believes it can make money by publishing an online PTIN directory. The domain was just registered in August 2012.  This site (ptin.org) is not an official IRS site and is in no way connected to the Service or any professional […]

Jul 12

TxSEA Thanks Educational Partners

The Texas Society of Enrolled Agents is very thankful to all of our participating education partners. Our members can now receive discounts on Testing, Online Courses, Education items and much more. The partnerships include Gleim, AplusCPE, Fast Forward Academy and others. Be sure to CLICK ON THE LINKS on our Educational Partners page to receive […]

Jul 01

Congrats to TxSEA Board of Directors

On behalf of Enrolled Agents in Texas, we want to congratulate the 2012-2013 board of directors of the Texas Society of Enrolled Agents. Keith A. Schmitz, EA – President Joy Hudman, EA – 1st Vice President Anna M Dunson, EA – 2nd Vice President Cheryl Noland, EA – Secretary Susan Graham, EA – Director Charles Oliver, […]

May 18

Enrolled Agent in Merriam-Webster

Enrolled Agent in Merriam-Webster

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From NAEA The power of membership! In a stunning example of what individual EAs can do to promote the designation, the requests to Merriam-Webster that enrolled agent be included in the dictionary have resulted in this response: “I am happy to tell you that we agree with you and that enrolled agent is on a […]

May 12

Extensions & Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer

Extensions & Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer

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If an entity cannot file its annual report by the original due date, it may request an extension of time to file the report. If granted, the extension for a non-EFT payor will be through Nov. 15, 2012. EFT payors, see below. The extension payment must be at least 90 percent of the tax that will be due with […]